Workin’ It

Almost six months ago, I announced that I got a job. Sure, I had mixed feelings about it especially since I wasn’t used to the workload. I went on to whinge about the hours and the fact that I couldn’t please everyone. I eventually started to find some workplace humor. Plus, the salary ain’t bad and I hated losing even a single cent due to being late.

It’s taken me almost six months to get to the point where I actually appreciate my job and am realizing how important I am to the workings of this company. Ü I was in a meeting today with one of our artists and she told me, “With you here this makes everything so much easier. Where have you been all this time?”

It’s nice to feel needed and appreciated. I hope they take that into consideration when I come up for regularization in a week’s time. With regularization comes a reduction in official number of hours I need to be at the office (hello, work-free Saturdays! hello, 9-to-6 weekdays!), maybe a raise (wishful thinking?), and overall a feeling of stability.

This may not be the last job I’ll ever have, but while I’m here I’m gonna work it like it could be.



Ever been in a situation where you find out you’ve got absolutely no money on your person — and you’ve absolutely got to pay for something?

Happened to me this morning. After rushing off to the gym, late because my alarm hadn’t woken me up early enough, I went through the motions of a workout then showered and dressed for work. (I also had a teensy wardrobe malfunction which explains why I still look like I’m going to the gym, but that’s a story for another time.) When I got down to the basement parking area, which has a fee of 40 pesos, I realized that I hadn’t brought any money with me.

(I had bought lunch the previous day from my office building’s canteen, but they couldn’t give me change for my 500-peso bill. I told them I’d be back for it later — and then I proceeded to forget about it completely.)

So there I was inside my car, scrambling for any loose change I could find. I could only summon 20 pesos from my coin purse, so I decided to look for an ATM so I could withdraw money. It was just my luck that payday was yesterday and people were lined up for blocks behind each nearby ATM. (I exaggerate a bit, but it certainly seemed like that.)

I returned to my car and proceeded to ransack all the compartments again. By God’s grace, I stumbled onto 38 pesos worth of one-peso coins in the console box and only had to add two pesos from my coin purse to make the fee.

After that experience, I’m definitely never taking coins for granted. Not even the lowly piso.

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Yesterday I attended a press conference my company held for one of our artists, although it ended up getting hijacked by two other headline-making personalities as well. At least we only had to feed the press once.

Coming from a Media Studies masteral program where in theory the press shouldn’t expect to be paid to cover a story, I feel like I’m selling my soul every time I help out with our press conferences. Particularly when it comes to ahemgiftcertificatesahem. I hate that we have to slip in something extra when we hand out press kits. I hate that some of the recipients of said press kits actually openly look for said extras. Some even ask for them!

That’s the price I’ve got to pay for working in an industry whose events aren’t really newsworthy. After all, do developments in the love life of celebrities help make the world better?


Balancing Act

Yoga by Mark MacLean on FlickrAdmittedly I’m a gym rat but I’m more of the sweat-my-way-to-fitness kind, which is why I was totally surprised when Mother Fhe (so called because she’s the “mother hen” of most group exercise instructors at Fitness First Philippines) told me to audition for BodyBalance. It’s a program that combines yoga, tai chi, and pilates for a total mind-and-body workout.

It’s your personal “time out” from the stress and strains of daily life…

Each class follows a set sequence of exercise disciplines and is made up of 45 minutes of simple yet challenging exercises followed by ten minutes of relaxation and meditation. Your teacher takes you through the moves and gives you options depending on your level of fitness. Like all the Les Mills programs, a new BODYBALANCE class is released every three months with new music and choreography.

The last time I’d attended a Balance class was back when Kylie Gates was in Manila giving special Jam and Balance classes. Prior to that I’d only ever attended Balance four times. I had really big doubts about my potential in teaching the program.

Still, I trusted Mother Fhe’s judgment, and it really wouldn’t hurt me to audition, right? (It would only hurt my pride, which is in sad need of deflating anyway…) And anyway it’d be a great release for my tension-filled muscles, regardless of whether I pass or not.

The audition was last night at the Greenhills FF branch. It wasn’t too well-publicized because they only had 10 slots in the training module for people from Manila. The rest of the slots were to be filled with people who wanted to become Balance instructors in FF Pampanga. I spent an entire hour prior to the audition just sitting by myself (because I didn’t come with an entourage) debating whether or not to audition, praying and asking “Why am I here, God?”

I still hadn’t made up my mind as we filed into the group exercise studio. Then, Ms. Peewee Sanchez started to give numbers to people who had raised their hands signifying their intent to audition. I was the last person to raise my hand, and got the number 36.

We did the current release, which I had seen and done only once — during Ms. Gates’ class. I tried to remember pointers I had learned during the other times I had attended Balance classes: tuck in the tailbone, square the hips, lengthen the spine, release the shoulders, open the chest, keep the knees strong. Most importantly, breathe. Ü

After the audition as Ms. Peewee called out the numbers of the people who’d made it, I was just waiting to be dismissed even though I didn’t think I did too badly. She was rattling off numbers while walking around the room, and then she approached where I was seated and asked, “And what’s your number, dear? Number 36.”

I felt my body go cold and warm at the same time. Moi? Passed? I was still sitting in the same position after all the other attendees had left the room except for those of us who’d been asked to stay.

We then gathered around for the Q&A; section where Ms. Peewee and the other judge, James, asked us our names, where we came from, and what had spurred us to audition. When my turn came, I said, “Hi, my name’s Noelle, and this was a surprise!”

More like a miracle, I suppose. Lord, I don’t know why I passed Balance and not Jam earlier, but I’m going to do my best at this program you blessed me with. We start the module on the first week of March.

Meanwhile, I’ve got to attend more Balance classes just so I’m not a complete newbie at it.

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