Quarterly Fun!

For the last few days it’s all I’ve wanted to think or talk about. I’ve planned my entire calendar year-end around it (okay, that may be an exaggeration) and I’ve been so excited about it that I’ve already planned everything I’m going to wear. Actually, I’ve packed everything I’m going to wear just so I don’t use any of those clothes by mistake early this week.

me at my first Les Mills Quarterly Workshop What the hell am I talking about? It’s the second Les Mills Quarterly Workshop for 2007, of course. Held for all instructors of Les Mills group exercise programs, it’s like a grand convention of all my fellow instructors as we experience the upcoming releases, get to try other programs, and hang out with our best buddies. Yes, we also try to pick up new skills so we can make our teaching better for our participants. Ü It’s kind of like a Star Trek convention, except with more exercise instructors and less costumes.

like a Star Trek convention, with less clothing
Actually there’s less clothing involved, too. Haha.

Last April’s quarterly was my first, and it was tons of fun. Never mind that we had to travel all the way to SM Southmall since the event was held at the Fitness First branch there.

This time around, we’re traveling to the newest branch, Fitness First Mall of Asia. Yup, at that reclaimed piece of land in Pasay (I call it Farness First because it’s really far from Quezon City, where I live). I’ve been there several times this month to cover BodyBalance classes, so I know how to get there. Now I’m planning to form a carpool so we can imagine the whole thing as a field trip.

I’ll have photos and other stories after the event. I’m starting to get really hyper about it…

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Now Airing

Living Asia Prod June 28-30: Hi!
Hey everyone! My special on Living Asia Channel (99 on SkyCable) is airing this month. The show is called Gone for the Weekend: Bataan. The show’s synopsis:

“Two sisters escape city life by heading to Zambales and Bataan for the weekend. On this trip they rediscover a sense of community as they experience the locals’ shared respect for history and environment.”

Check it out at these times!

  • Nov. 19 – 4am, 5pm
  • Nov. 20 – 1am, 9am, 2pm, 10pm
  • Nov. 21 – 6am, 7pm
  • Nov. 22 – 3am, 11am, 4pm
  • Nov. 23 – 12am, 8am, 1pm, 9pm
  • Nov. 24 – 5am, 6pm
  • Nov. 25 – 2am, 10am

We shot this in June. I hope you enjoy the fruit of my labor — and tell your friends! Ü

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Planned Obsolescence

I remember being absolutely thrilled to have purchased my iPod, Prissy at a steal last April.

Since then things have happened that have put a damper on my joy. For instance, Apple released a new line of iPods that look so different from previous models that poor Prissy now looks dated. And while I have barely gone through half of Prissy’s 80GB storage, the 160GB storage on new iPods seriously has me going through buyer’s remorse. (I’m still paying for Prissy via credit card installment at 0% interest over 12 months.)

It’s been a few months since the new iPods have come out and a lot of people I know have “upgraded” to the new models. However, I realize that my iPod is still good; at some point I’ll just have to have the battery replaced, but there’s really no reason for me to get a new one. It’s just extremely clever marketing and hype that has me going, “Oh, I gotta have that.”

I’ll just console myself by loading more music and videos, and spiffying up Prissy with G-Mask. It’s not about what you have; it’s how you carry it. Ü

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Deal or No Deal?

I’ve been moonlighting as a faux Deal or No Deal girl as part of a friend’s office promotional campaign.

ETel Deal or No Deal Make-Up

I’m really not used to make-up.

ETel Deal or No Deal All Dressed Up

This is us all dressed up with our briefcases.

ETel Deal or No Deal Candid

This is us with the mastermind behind the office promo.

ETel Deal or No Deal aftermath

Afterwards. My pores!

We toured the company’s four Metro Manila sites and put on a little show before our assigned host (different at each site) plugged the promo. Something involving a million pesos, tax-free. In any case, it was a fun gig. But my back is killing me now. Serves me right for wearing 3-inch heels while walking up and down hallways. Ü

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