O hai. Im in ur TV, guesting ur shows.

For the past month or two, people watching a certain cable TV shopping network at odd hours of the night have caught me demonstrating how to use exercise gadgets. (I might say “hawking wacky machines”.) I take it in stride but find it totally funny how people just have to mention, “Hey I saw you on TV!” But hey, I love the attention, right? Otherwise I wouldn’t even be putting myself out there.

I don’t know if you all realize how easy it is to get on TV. You just have to grab any opportunity that presents itself, whether it’s filing a VTR with an agency, attending castings and auditions for television shows, or simply making friends with segment producers. (It’s much, much harder getting into commercials, which are a completely different animal.)

Lately, I’ve been in much more than infomercials (hooray for busting stereotypes!) and hopefully am being seen as much more than just a gym instructor. My good friend Katrina Vinluan is the PR and marketing manager for a fashion brand, ilana, and she tapped me to model their clotheing on not just one, but two mainstream television features about their clothing. It’s kind of insane and hilarious to think I’ve taken on the capacity of professional model, considering my lack of height and abundance of curves — but I guess that’s exactly what the clothes need to come to life off the hanger.

We shot the segment for QTV’s “The Beat” about a week earlier than our live guesting on “Shoptalk @ ANC”, which I can’t find a video of. Here’s an edited version of our segment on “The Beat”.

It’s an exciting time for me, and there’s so much more in the pipeline. After about a year of waiting, I’m thanking God for these opportunities he’s sending my way. Ü

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Michael and Marielle’s Prenup

(Subtitle: Why I Went “Clubbing” on a Sunday)

Many of you may not know my sister Marielle is getting married in about a month’s time. She and her fiance Michael have taken care of almost all the major details, so I haven’t been doing much as a maid of honor. There was one thing she specifically asked me to do for her: makeup for her prenup pictorial two Sundays ago.

As much as I’d like to take credit for how flawless her skin is in her photos, I didn’t really have to do much work. A little foundation, a little concealer, and a little eyeshadow was all she needed for the daytime set we shot at Eastwood Mall and La Mesa Ecopark.

M&M Prenup: Doggy!
M&M Prenup: The Happy Couple

When it came to the nighttime set, we changed location to Manor Superclub in Eastwood. Michael’s cousin co-owns it, so we were able to shoot the first ever prenup pictorial within its walls. (Usually Metro Magazine and FHM use it for their magazine layouts.)

M&M Prenup: Manor
M&M Prenup: Manor

I had to say, it felt weird being inside Manor in my baggy Levi’s jeans and Converse sneakers. I always dress up to go clubbing (Manor is one of my favorite places to go). And it was strange seeing it empty. But the photos came out great!

M&M Prenup: Setting Up
M&M Prenup: Eastwood Rooftop

For this set I needed to make Marielle’s makeup more dramatic, so out came the black eyeliner and the blended eyeshadows. She’s not used to the relatively heavier stuff for evening, so I had to cajole her into letting me line her lids and pump up the black in her shadow.

M&M Prenup: Dramatic Eye Makeup

Of course, I’m not a photographer, so check out photos of the happy couple from Wella Fan Photography (the pictorial spans several albums).

My little sister’s all grown up! *sob*

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This Month in Action&Fitness Magazine

It’s turning out to be quite a humid summer, and this month’s Action&Fitness; Magazine is steaming it up with actress Erich Gonzales on the cover.

Action&Fitness Magazine March issue
Action&Fitness; March issue

I really enjoyed researching and writing these articles appearing in this month’s issue:

  • Grace and Power through Piloxing (p. 66) A new fitness craze that incorporates the fundamentals of boxing and Pilates
  • What’s Your Yoga Style? (p. 72) We help you identify which yoga type is for you
  • Thigh High (p. 75) Achieve firm, shapely thighs with these easy-to-follow toning exercises
  • WORKOUT: Laterally Speaking (p. 76) Bare your midriff this summer!

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Oh, Make Me Over!

Lately, I haven’t had the chance to look and feel glamorous; between running, writing, guesting on ShopTV and teaching exercise classes, I simply have been too lazy and tired to get all dolled up. So when Vince and Kring scheduled a fun shoot, I decided to join in the fun.

Miserable with No Makeup

Not my best look.

Enter Jaclyn Go. Trained at Maquillage Professionel (Make-Up For Ever), Jac arrived armed with a caseful of makeup and an assistant who quickly went to work on my hair. Jac took a moment to assess what to do about my haggard face, then quickly laid out her brushes.

Makeover with Jaclyn Go 1

Jac vs. my sleepy face

I’ve noticed that people trained under Maquillage usually spend a lot of time on eye makeup, and Jac was no different. I really appreciated how the blend of colors she used on my lids made me look vibrant and alive.

Of course, all that attention to my face meant Jac and I were in close quarters. It gave me a chance to notice her long beautiful eyelashes!

Makeover with Jaclyn Go 2

When I grow up, I want lashes like hers.

Aside from being a professional makeup artist, Jac runs an eyelash extension salon called i-Lash. I’ve had experience using false eyelashes for a dramatic effect, but they were always obviously false. These eyelash extensions, in contrast, look very natural. (Maybe I’ll get my eyelashes done in time for my sister’s wedding in April…)

By the time Jac was done with me, I was a changed woman. I felt energized, awake, beautiful, and powerful. (Hrhrhr.) The makeup lasted through hours of posing and some costume changes, and I was even able to go to a high school friend’s baby shower looking none the worse for wear. Thanks, Jac!

(No More 365) Legs for Miles

Face by Jac. Legs by genetics and hard running.

You can contact Jaclyn Go for makeup services at 0917-7947178 / 0922-8265406.

i-Lash Extensions Salon is located at 3rd floor Starbucks Bldg. Retiro (Amoranto) St., Quezon City (beside Asian Twist, across McDonald’s D. Tuazon, near Banawe Area). Call 399-1272 or 964-8968 for more info.

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