Learning to Cook: Chicken Tinola

Ever since we moved to our small two-bedroom condo unit and had to let go of our househelp (she still comes in once a week to help us with laundry and cleaning), I’ve had to learn how to cook. I can’t rely on my mother to do all our cooking since she has a day job of her own, and that would just be too much to ask, especially since I’m also an adult and need to pull my own weight in this household.

I’m not talking simple fare like sauteeing onions before pouring canned corned beef into the pan, or frying hotdogs and eggs. I’m also not talking about making waffles and pancakes from scratch. I knew how to do those things before we moved here. I’m referring to real, home-cooked dishes, slow-boiled in a pot and seasoned to taste.

My parents never asked me to start cooking; I thought of doing so on my own. I think it was in August last year when I decided to make myself some chicken tinola because I wasn’t feeling well and wanted soup. After a false start accidentally burning the ginger, I started again with fresh ginger, and it was a success! I got even sicker the next day and was thankful for the tinola leftovers because I didn’t have appetite for much else.

For me, the key to being a good cook is the ability to cook a delicious dish many times without the taste varying between each batch. So a few weeks ago, I cooked tinola again and it turned out even better than it did the first time!

If you haven’t tried cooking this simple dish, here’s the recipe I always use. It’s pretty lazy since it doesn’t have amounts or cooking times. I cook by feel, mostly. Read more

Tatt Awards!

When I got the invitation to the Tatt Awards event a few weeks ago, I actually thought I’d missed the whole nominations thing and that it was the awarding ceremony. To my relief, when I got there I realized this was just the beginning of the whole process.

Tatt Awards

We all had to bring glasses along.

Bloggers and social media users were the stars of the night, since the Tatt Awards is meant to celebrate the best use of social media and blogging in the Philippines. The crowd at the Tatt Awards party was pretty diverse, ranging from simple bloggers like myself to celebrities who are avid Twitter users. And then there were the special people who are a mix of the two worlds, like Jenni Epperson, a celebrity in her own right who received a regional award for best lifestyle blog (at the Nuffnang Awards).

Tatt Awards Launch: with JP and Jenni

With Jenni and fashion blogger JP

There are 10 categories up for nominations at the Tatt Awards:

  • Tech Junkie: the blogger who’s the most up-to-date with the newest technology, gadgets, and games
  • The Advocate: the one who’s doing his part in making the world a better place.
  • The Indie Rocker: knows the ins and outs of music like the back of his gig-stamped hand!
  • Video Slinger: the most creative and exciting vlogger whose videos we found worthy of streaming into our homes!
  • #Thought-Mover: the hashtag that trended the most online.
  • The Visualizer: best photo blogger who’s able to immortalize moments, objects, and just about anything online.
  • Game Changer: best sports blogger (and the category I’d like to be nominated for)
  • The Explorer: Pumped-up travelers, adventure-seekers, and frequent fliers who blog about travel
  • Stylisimo: the chic-est virtual fashion blogger
  • The One: The best blogger. Period.

I know my blog KikayRunner.com is small fry in the larger world of blogging (and In My Pocket is even smaller fry that small fry feed on), but I know as a running blogger I make a difference. I’m asking you to check out the Tatt Awards website and nominate KikayRunner.com under the Game Changer category. But only if you think I really deserve it. Thanks!

Tatt Awards Launch: with FierceDong

with Dong Ronquillo, head of Globe Tattoo