Swimwear by FABE

Two weeks ago Vic Fabe invited me to model his swimwear.

Fabe floral bikini

I first encountered Vic’s sportswear line at Fitness First Platinum Trinoma; whenever we launched new Les Mills releases he would always sponsor our clothing and send someone to set up a booth for his wares. For the summer I thought it would be fun to do a swimwear shoot, so I gladly accepted Vic’s invitation. Thankfully I had a bikini-ready body because I’d been preparing for the Superbods semifinals (which sadly I had to back out of).

Vic does his own photography as a hobby, and I love the way he shoots and coaches his models. His goal is to do as little Photoshop work on his photos as possible. Ü Hair and makeup are by Raymund Acedo, who did an amazing job — I’d love to learn how he did my eye makeup. I want to look like this every day!

floral bikini by FABE
floral bikini by FABEfloral bikini by FABE
neon green two-piece by FABEneon green two-piece by FABE

I even have an extra set wearing a grey cotton dress. Ü

grey dress by FABE
grey dress by FABEgrey dress by FABE

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