Youthful Folly

I’ve never kept a proper diary. When I started blogging in 2000, I poured out to the Internet those thoughts that had previously only been revealed through pen and paper.

Although I’ve long since lost access to the websites that used to host my blogs, today I decided to see how much I could find through the Internet Wayback Machine and the granddaddy of blog hosts,

Oh, how much I found. And since I love causing myself grief, I read through every single entry of both my anime blog (which was the first one I created) and my everything-else blog. Feel free to point and laugh at my youthful folly. At least it was youthful. πŸ˜‰

Milton says "Ha ha"!

Milton is laughing at me.

That was a tumultuous time in both my personal life and the country’s history. I was finding my own identity, trying to negotiate between the silly anime fan that I was, and the serious-minded scholar I needed to be in order to graduate. (Also, I was 16.) I was studying in the University of the Philippines as a Political Science student at the time Erap Estrada was about to be forced out of office.Β Blogging and use of the Internet was at a crossroads between mere interpersonal communication and being able to harness citizen awareness and action.

Reading through these blog entries of the past gave me a headache, but it also brought back memories of the choices I took that brought me here and make me who I am. Wow. Twelve years blogging.

I hope my blog entries make infinitely more sense these days.

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