1 Little, 2 Little… 12 Monkeys

(or the time a famous musician bought me a drink)

I’ve not been one to go for nightlife or the local music scene lately simply because I’m a morning person, a somewhat serious athlete, and there’s something about going to a dingy smoky bar late at night just to watch a band perform that makes my asthmatic throat constrict.

12 Monkeys Music Hall & Pub at Century City Mall, Makati aims to change that attitude, and from my visit there last Friday I think it might actually work. 🙂

[flickr id=”15768460681″ thumbnail=”medium” align=”center”]

12 Monkeys is on the 5th Level

[flickr id=”15584902528″ thumbnail=”medium” align=”center”]

fully-stocked bar

[flickr id=”15150370214″ thumbnail=”medium” align=”center”]

for the live acts

[flickr id=”15585468000″ thumbnail=”medium” align=”center”]

for the DJs

This music hall and pub was set up by the who’s who of Manila’s music, social, and F&B scene. My friend Raymund Magdaluyo is a restaurateur and has his hand in several other big ventures, but 12 Monkeys is the one he’s been devoting a lot of his time to lately.

Truth be told, if it weren’t for Raymund’s posts on Facebook about the stuff he’s been doing with 12 Monkeys, I wouldn’t have accepted the invitation for a blogger’s food-tasting and gone to the place. But knowing Raymund and his penchant for good food, I decided to exercise my stomach and sample some of their excellent dishes.

[flickr id=”15585153757″ thumbnail=”medium” align=”center”]

[flickr id=”15746606816″ thumbnail=”medium” align=”center”]

[flickr id=”15770309795″ thumbnail=”medium” align=”center”]

[flickr id=”15584885278″ thumbnail=”medium” align=”center”]

[flickr id=”15150351334″ thumbnail=”medium” align=”center”]

a sort of Mongolian barbecue set-up

While I was waiting for my Mongolian bowl to be delivered to me, I started chatting with someone who had been introduced to us by the food-tasting organizer. I didn’t quite catch his name during that introduction, but soldiered on. I just knew he was one of the numerous partners (there are 12 monkeys, er, partners at 12 Monkeys) of the place so I just quizzed him on how long it had been open and what kind of crowd they wanted to attract.

He was a tall chinito with a bit of a beard. He kind of looked familiar, but because I see so many people pass through the doors of the gyms I work at, I just thought maybe he was one of those guys. He offered me a drink. “Waiter, I’m really bad at the ladies’ drinks here. What do you recommend?” he asked, then signed for what the waiter called “Ivan’s Secret”, a vodka-something-or-other invention.

“We wanted a place where OPM bands could go to perform that’s comfortable. It’s in a mall with safe parking,” he said offhandedly while I skimmed the press release.

And that’s when I saw his name among the list of partners. CHAMP LUI PIO, former vocalist of Hale. No wonder “The Day You Said Goodnight” had been playing in my head for the last few minutes and I had no idea why. *facepalm* He’s a co-managing partner for musical programming, alongside Chito Miranda of Parokya ni Edgar.

[flickr id=”15770272625″ thumbnail=”medium” align=”center”]

L-R: Neil Paras, Champ, Keith Haw, Chef Pete Ayson

Later on, Champ introduced me to Neil Paras, who runs Friday nights at 12 Monkeys and also owns Big Bad Wolf and the soon-to-open Palace. Raymund also dropped by later that evening and we chatted a bit about triathlon as well as his restaurant ventures.

Speaking of which, here are more food photos:

[flickr id=”15585134447″ thumbnail=”medium” align=”center”]

Ivan’s Palabok Pizza

[flickr id=”15584458609″ thumbnail=”medium” align=”center”]

St. Peter’s Eggs (balut!)

[flickr id=”15770287345″ thumbnail=”medium” align=”center”]

Chito’s Street Corner Picha Pie

[flickr id=”15150868743″ thumbnail=”medium” align=”center”]

GP’s Parma Ham & Truffle

[flickr id=”15150872543″ thumbnail=”medium” align=”center”]

Spam Fries

[flickr id=”15584858588″ thumbnail=”medium” align=”center”]

Chunky Monkey Pie

You betcha I filled my belly! Although I couldn’t stay and watch the scheduled band perform that night, I’ll be back over there with friends, which is how I like to enjoy music and food.

[flickr id=”15150308394″ thumbnail=”medium” align=”center”]

Thanks so much for the food trip, 12 Monkeys!

One thought on “1 Little, 2 Little… 12 Monkeys

  • November 12, 2014 at 1:56 pm

    that sure looks like a great music hall, and the food as well. i hope i can drop by the place once the opportunity comes. “there’s something about going to a dingy smoky bar…that makes my asthmatic throat constrict.” i have the same worry, add to that i have to speak several notches up my normal voice volume so my companion can hear me. though a night life every once in a blue moon shouldn’t hurt. by the way, the pub’s name reminds me of the 90s movie ’12 Monkeys’ which is one of my favorites.


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